Thinking about your Thinking with Gary Ralston - Podcast

October 12, 2022 Author: Gary Ralston

Your business lives and dies on your ability to make rational decisions.

Biases, or “mental blind spots” are the enemy, but you can’t see your blind spots. So how are you supposed to know if biases are harming your business? 

Gary discusses the power of tight feedback loops and “meta-cognition” in managing your biases, with host of Results Leader Podcast, Jonathan Rivera.

Listen now – it could save your business.

Show highlights include:
  • A simple visualization technique to compensate for mental blind spots (and helps you make wiser decisions) (5:50)
  • The “do what you love” cliché - incomplete advice if you are seeking sustained success (7:40)
  • Why overfocus on fixing your weaknesses is bad for business (and what to do, instead) (8:18)
  • The “Quality & Frequency” principle for getting more actionable feedback on needle-moving tasks (12:54)
  • How to take your business from 0 to 100 as quickly as possible with the Exponential Organizations “10 week innovation sprint” (13:58)

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#resultsleaderfm Episode 144

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