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FreewayDecision1How do we make better, faster decisions in business?

Some business leaders rely on their gut – their instincts – to make major decisions. Blink, a book by Malcolm Gladwell, explores this phenomenon of making ‘snap’ judgments at a gut level. However, a downside of this approach is that it is difficult to discuss with others how or why the leader came to the decision they did. In fact, it is the antithesis of group decision-making. Also, the decision is not often recorded for future evaluation so we can ask: “Was this a good decision?“, and “How can we make consistently better decisions across the organization?”.

Just as we need different tools for different jobs, we need to be able to make both gut decisions and decisions based on facts/data. The Digital Decision process we use with our clients, developed by Robert Fritz, is such a tool. In part, it helps us tune up our gut decision, and expose the factors influencing us. It is rapid – minutes vs. months, based on the best data that we have at the moment we are making the decision, and it lets us share the rationale for the decision with others.

One of our clients used Digital Decision-making to evaluate expansion into a new territory. They considered elements such as:

  • profitability of the territory;
  • if the expansion supported the overall goals of the organization;
  • the capacity of the organization to manage the new territory; and
  • the ability to keep their best people.

The owners of the business explored how they were thinking about their ‘gut’ decision, and found that a territory they had favored at first glance would undermine overall growth if pursued.

Compared to many decision-making processes, which require reams of information and bog down into weighing of pros and cons, the Digital Decision process is compact and efficient. It allows for fast prototyping of decisions, separation of the decision from the moment of action, and targeting missing information that you actually need to make the right choice. In many cases, such as acquiring territory or hiring multiple people for the same position, the same ‘decision grid’ can be reused by others to make decisions as you would. Finally, Digital Decisions are captured in a form that allows revisiting the decision in the future so the organization learns over time.

While decisions developed with the Digital Decision process aren’t made in a “blink” of any eye, they are rapid, thoughtful and sound, and a worthwhile addition to any executive’s toolkit.

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