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iStock_000005896614XSmallAt your next event, add up the effective salaries of attendees. Then add the opportunity cost of what is not getting done while they are either attending or commuting. Then notice who is not really there because they are trying to regain productivity on the cramped screen of their Blackberry or iPhone. When you think about what is actually being accomplished, ask: “what is the ROI of this meeting?” (we’ll understand if you need a moment to get your breath back…)

Great meetings, events and gatherings – the ones that engage, connect, inspire and mobilize people – don’t just happen. They are a result of:

  • pre-session research, design, preparation, logistics and communication;
  • top-notch facilitation; and
  • post-event evaluation, follow-up and communication.

CEH&HHDLBeyond our scenario and strategy work, our best clients ask for four kinds of meeting support:

  • design and facilitation of high-profile, high-stakes events and community engagements;
  • re-thinking the meeting matrix – how, why and how often the organization meets in order to efficiently achieve its goals;
  • coaching and training for managers and leaders to take the meetings they run to the next level of productivity;
  • developing strategies for effective remote collaboration (in part due to the tremendous cost and carbon footprint of face-to-face meetings).

Once engaged, our team of world-class facilitators, designers and educators focus on releasing the potential of your group, helping you make unprecedented progress toward your goals.

So let’s meet (remotely, at first), and see what we can do together to change the ROI of your future meetings.

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