The Managerial Moment of Truth

MMOTCoverR1-173x257BusinessWeek ranked the book among The Best Business Books of 2006.

Harvard Management Update interviewed the book’s co-author for the article: “Telling the Hard Truth about Poor Performance”. (Reprint #U0607C) The article is now a chapter in “Managing Performance to Maximize Results”, from Harvard Business School Press. (preview, here)

IBM China trained their HR professionals to teach the course.

Now, you can know what they know…

This six-hour workshop and follow-up coaching is for business leaders and managers who want the best for their people, but need better tools for diagnosing and correcting performance problems – or capitalizing on exceptional results!

  • Learn the four steps of a successful intervention.
  • Distinguish between project design and execution issues.
  • Learn how to deal with high-performing, problem employees.
  • Capture exceptional performance and make it part of your process.
  • Make better decisions, faster.
  • Receive one-on-one coaching before and after a real situation you are managing!

Who is this training for?

Managers and executives looking for ways to increase the performance of their people, and their teams.

How will I be learning?

The material will be presented in combination of brief lectures, interesting videos, group discussions and practice exercises with a partner. We also recommend that you read the book before the class. After the class, we will schedule pre-and post-meeting coaching as you apply the principles to a real intervention.

What is included?

A hardcover copy of “The Managerial Moment of Truth”, a Participant Manual, one hour of follow-up coaching, lunch, and a steady supply of tea and coffee!

Where can I learn more?

In addition to the Harvard Management Update article, above, read our blog article, here. Then, contact Ann or Gary using the links in the right sidebar.

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