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LeaderSkyIt takes great leadership and management to create dramatic, sustainable business results.

Our premise is that great leaders are actually great creators and great learners, and not just performers and problem solvers. We teach the creative process to leaders and teams. We help them think structurally and pictorially, rather than situationally and from a place of reaction. We do not assume familiarity with leadership management principles, as many leaders are thrust into the job from sales or technical positions, or have passed through programs laden with jargon, conceptual notions and formulaic thinking.



We start our assessment with tools from The Leadership Circle ™ – a world class tool used by leading national and international organizations, government agencies, and top universities. We reviewed and dismissed a host of tools before we found one that integrated the creative process in its assessment of the leader. Learn more, here.

Core Skills


Next, we ground leaders in the tools of decision-making, planning, delegation and human performance. Again, in seeking a cornerstone program for developing people, we sought an approach with its roots in the creative process and structural thinking. The Managerial Moment of Truth™ is such a tool, jointly developed by Robert Fritz, creator of the field of structural dynamics, and Blue Shield of California. Learn more, here.

Custom Executive Coaching

iStock_000002095641XSmallNow, the dirty truth of leadership development – without repeated, effective practice in real-world situations, no assessment, training, or book will result in substantive and lasting change. Our best clients follow up assessment and training with custom executive coaching and resource retainers, not only to help their leaders and managers integrate the new skills into everyday practice, but to help them discover a new, generative and fundamentally more effective orientation to creating a future distinct from the past. Contact us for more information on a custom program for your organization.

A final note: While we present Assessment, Core Skills and Executive Coaching in a linear fashion, these tools are interchangeable, and have significant overlap. The key is to customize development to the person and align it to the desired organizational outcomes.

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