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“We always accomplish so much more when Ralston Consulting is guiding us within our business strategy sessions. We are at another crossroads in our business and we often make quick decisions regarding what we feel are the best moves for our business when operating daily. Within the first hour of our strategy session, the value of our session was obvious and pre-conceived notions about our desired direction were re-shaped. The tools, examples and group tasks truly helped us redirect our approach and thoughts toward our company’s track for the next 1 year, 3-5 year and 10 year periods. We were also able to establish a method for handling sensitive disconnects within management by focusing on our structure instead of on individuals. I continue to appreciate the value they bring to our team and assistance in shaping our business growth over the past 18 years.”

– Garry Montgomery, PE, RCDD, LEED AP, Principal, Dynamix Engineering Ltd.

“Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) is an international social enterprise with operations and offices around the world that run our comprehensive youth development programs. DOT is crowded with strong, driving personalities. Gary and Ann led the management team through three days of intense strategic planning that produced the most effective results in the organization’s 10 year history. Under their guidance, we saw ourselves more accurately, developed a meaningful framework for subsequent detailed action planning and learned new tools that we continue to apply. They left an impressive legacy and we would like to see them continue as very compatible members of our team. Highly recommended.”

– Grant Thomas, Vice President, Strategic Development, Digital Opportunity Trust

“Brilliant work. An ability to understand concepts and situations in an instant and feed it back to the people they are working with in a clear and more useful focus.

They help give new life to an organization – a life unto itself. Out of confusion and politics and ego, they help leadership set a focus and direction, and a way of keeping it on track, all in a really short amount of time.”

– Joan Jenkinson, Director of Independent Productions/Executive Producer, S-VOX

“The Canadian Gas Association recently undertook an exercise to establish our ‘Vision 2020’ – an exercise that was intended to set the course for the natural gas distribution industry for the next ten years. Charles Holmes and Gary Ralston were the facilitators for this exercise, and they did a tremendous job of teasing out the thoughts and ideas of some very disparate parties as to their views of future priorities, synthesizing that data into a very concise, well thought through document, and facilitating a discussion and debate which resulted in a ‘Vision Document’ that will be adopted by the Board of Directors. Their focus, insight, and constructive questioning was invaluable to our process and I couldn’t be happier with the result.”

– Julie Dill, Chairman, CGA

“In order to effectively revise our strategy, we needed to master our situation. Ralston Consulting helped us gather and make sense of the information on a tight timeline. Their work was very thorough, and significant in helping us frame and comprehend the current reality.

Despite an aggressive schedule and a fixed deadline, we could not short-circuit the strategic planning process. Gary provided constant, timely and material support to me and to the team in driving to develop an integrated answer to the challenges we face.

Ralston Consulting’s decision-making process was particularly valuable – executive management and board moved from a range of viewpoints to a true, thoughtful consensus about our strategic direction in the course of two days.”

– Jonathan Wilkinson, President and CEO (former), Questair Technologies. (now XEBEC Adsorption Inc.)

“Many of our best ideas in the past have come to us in ‘aha!’ moments. Paul (my business partner) and I frankly expected that we would enjoy this luxury in coming up with a name and brand for our video production house. However, after about a year of waiting for divine inspiration, it became evident this approach was failing us.

In one 90-minute session and a couple of follow-up emails, Gary helped us to accomplish over the period of a week what we had been unable to do on our own in a year – create a name and brand promise, tested with our clients, that will focus our direction for years to come.”

– Andrew Brush, Partner, Best Light Video

“What is RCI’s greatest strength? The ability to very effectively question and synthesize information. Question in a way that challenges people’s thinking and synthesize in a way that supports their learning.

You’re actually in the work for the results that it will produce. Not just the creation of reports or strategies that will sit on the shelf, you are committed to implementation and creating something that is implementable. ‘Here’s what you need to do to be successful’

If you and your organization are truly committed to organizing yourselves around a clearly articulated strategy in a way that provides high probability of success in terms of implementation, then you’ve got to talk to Ralston Consulting Inc.”

– Charles Holmes, Simon Fraser University; CE Holmes Consulting

“You’ve done an excellent job with the analysis report. Concise, yet thorough, hits on critical points, yet doesn’t gloss over the subtleties. I especially like the business report cards – terrific tool.”

– Lauren Lent, Director of Business, FACIT.ORG

“Ralston Consulting’s digital decision-making process was immensely enlightening. The highly customized exercise does not impose pre-determined answers or philosophies on my decision making process. Gary’s guidance brought increased clarity and action steps based on what truly matters to me, not on my gut instincts or intuition. As a result, I am implementing plans and tools which will save my business thousands of dollars. I highly recommend this process.”

– Amy Showalter, President, The Showalter Group, Inc.

“Remarkable interpersonal skills and intuitions in how they deal with people. Able to get what’s going on and assess the relationship. Get in the way of the negative and make it positive.

RCI’s approach tends to be less bound up with data. Most other groups have been very much data oriented – creating reams and reams of paper, then manipulating the data. To me, these data-based approaches made it hard to come to meaningful decisions – they overlook the real forces. With RCI, we don’t start and end with data, we start with objectives.

The greatest value to us was in articulating the principal focus of the organization.”

– Kealy Wilkinson, Alliance for Children and Television; former Board Chairperson, Women in Film and Television – Toronto

“They have the ability to get me to hone and clarify the vision – to work with me to the point that they too were fluent with the vision. They then create a clear effective business plan with that information.

Regarding other people I’ve approached for help with my business, others took at face value what I presented. RCI smashed right through it… questioning the deeper thinking on the business.”

Dr. Judith Boice, author of ‘But My Doctor Never Told Me That!’

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