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HBRcoverOct07This article, at HBR’s website, is an excellent starting point for re-thinking the impact of climate change and carbon legislation on your business. From the editors:

In this month’s Forethought, we’ve invited leading thinkers from business and academia to help our readers address climate issues by framing strategy, strengthening security, shaping policy, protecting reputation, and engaging customers, employees, and markets. This special section provides a hard-nosed look at a tough new environment. There will be winners and losers. Companies that get their strategy right will find vast opportunities to both profit and create social good on a global scale.

– Reprint: F0710A

How will you change your strategy in light of both changes in climate across your supply chain, and changes in regulation and reporting of the carbon footprint of your products and services?

Saturday, October 13th, 2007 Article Archive, Business Insights, Main Page, Sustainability

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