Getting Things Done by David Allen

What a good book! In “Getting Things Done” (GTD), David Allen presents a system for radically increasing personal productivity and focus on your priorities. I’ve taken and applied some of the principles and found great improvement in my ability to keep clutter down and productivity up.

GettingThingsDone160wGood news for devotees of Robert Fritz’s creative process and structural tension charting – Allen’s approach is generally compatible with Robert’s work. For project planning I prefer structural tension charting, but for managing tactical details, inbox, e-mail appointments and to-do’s, GTD is da bomb for me.

Allen’s follow-up book, Ready for Anything, is also very good.

Essential GTD resources:
M Vance: Getting Things Done – Go. Print. Excellent summary of GTD.

Advanced Workflow (PDF) – A wonderful, annotated diagram of the Getting Things Done workflow. Hang it over your desk.

(available as a seminar, in book, cd and tape, also available at

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