Digital Opportunity Trust Honored for Innovation in Social Entrepreneurship

Janet_Longmore_QuoteWe are delighted to celebrate the success of our client, Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT), an international social enterprise based in Canada. Since 2001 DOT has reached over 800,000 direct beneficiaries in Africa the Middle East and the Americas through its youth-led programs and network of over 4,000 local young leaders of change. Today, Janet Longmore, DOT’s founder, president and CEO has been selected by Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship as Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2013. In an interview with Janet, columnist John Geddes, with Canadian publication, Macleans, puts the honor in perspective:

 “That’s Schwab as in Klaus Schwab, better known as the founder of the World Economic Forum, best known, in turn, for its annual Davos, Switzerland confab of global leaders. Schwab’s foundation is a prime promoter of businesslike ways of fighting poverty. So winning the Schwab award, beyond being a nice accolade, links Longmore’s group to an influential network. She spoke with Maclean’s about what it means, what DOT does, and the state of Canadian social entrepreneurship.” [more…]

Even as DOT receives this honor, it is setting out to tackle a really difficult problem plaguing Not-For-Profits everywhere: Many funding organizations are focused tightly on measurable program outcomes and responsible management of money awarded. This means that recipient organizations cannot build capacity for further innovation and growth – ironically, their success constrains their further growth.

Janet summarizes the challenge and DOT’s innovative solution in this brief, brilliant interview on CBC’s Lang and O’Leary Exchange…

 – Ann Ralston

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