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The Communication Plan: Keeping Your ‘Living Document’ ALIVE!

Credit: iStockPhotoPeople talk about a ‘living document‘ – a document constantly updated to reflect the current understanding of strategy, goal and plan. But plans do not live in documents (and certainly not in PowerPoint decks!) – they live in the minds of the leaders, managers and workers, as stories.

You can intentionally help this process along by writing narratives using short forms, such as mantras, parables and urban legends, or longer forms such as manifestos, position papers, movies, audio presentations and graphic novels.

Here’s the test: your plan is only alive if it has replicated itself in some way in the thoughts and actions of the people executing the plan.

Finally, you need to re-think your plan more frequently than ever before, as the pace of change increases, globally. If you used to do 5-year plans, consider 3-year plans. If you reviewed annually, consider quarterly tune-ups. For some fast-growing companies in unstable markets, a month might not be too often to revisit…

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