The Spirit of Humanity

To take most most news sources at face value, the world is a wreck: corrupt government, clergy and corporations, greed and violence, plague and blight. (Might as well retire from the fight…)

Perhaps we’re naive, but when we look around, we see something quite different: we see individuals, groups, communities and organizations trying to make difference for us all.

We have met many of you, and know that as a group, we have more than an average drive to do our bits of good – to reach out and touch a soul, a heart, a child – and leave a positive footprint on this world.

So while they might tell us evil is taking the upper hand, we say, “Humbug!” In this season of completion and celebration and new year, it is our wish that the spirit of humanity shines bright, and lights our collective way to a better future.

May you and yours experience peace, prosperity and a wonderful 2011!

Ann and Gary

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